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Are you re-thinking your life or looking at what’s important to you? 
Do you want to deepen your connection to your true inner purpose?



What you will receive from this profound Masterclass:


  • An immediate experience of what you truly want
  • The fastest way to start living your Higher Purpose today
  • Tools for making decisions in line with your Inner Truth
  • An understanding of how building Purpose Filters for Success can help you manifest a life aligned with your True Self
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It was marvelous and I loved every minute. -EC

- A.N. 


I just want to share with you how Powerful your workshop was for me…I truly felt a huge shift during/after your workshop. Thank You for that experience.  I just wanted to let you know that I Loved it.  And I especially Loved that you actually had tangible tools and steps to do/take.   I resonate with that, and they were simple.  I’ve heard some before, however, when you put them all together, it began to shift inside of me. 


About Nat


"I help people integrate spiritual principles and universal truths into their lives reflecting back the power and wisdom of their authentic being."

Nat has spent over two decades of his life in dedication to spiritual practices, including meditation and dream experience interpretation; prioritizing the integration of spiritual principles, tools, and techniques in everyday life.

From the age of seventeen, up until his teacher’s death when Nat was thirty-four, Nat lived and worked with renowned spiritual teacher John-Roger (J-R), who personally taught and guided him in living a life of greater spiritual awareness.

For many of those years, he lived on a Vow of Poverty, assisting J-R in many aspects of his work including his overseeing of the multiple non-profit organizations he founded.

In the last ten years, Nat co-founded and ran a successful fine jewelry company until selling it and moving into the work he does now of teaching how to integrate spiritual principles into everyday life through coaching, podcasting, speaking, online courses and live events.

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