5 Steps to Understanding Your Dreams




What if you could get answers and direction through understanding your own dreams?


If you...

  • have difficulty remembering your dreams
  • are confused about what your dreams mean
  • really want to use your dreams for intuitive guidance, but you have no idea how to get started.
  •  are looking for a more in depth and well-rounded workshop about the mystery of the dream world, understanding your dreams, their symbology & interpretation
  • are wanting to deepen your own spiritual awareness

Doors are opening soon.

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In the 5 STEPS TO UNDERSTANDING YOUR DREAMS workshop you'll learn:

The 5 Types of Dreams You Need to Know

  • How to figure out which type of dream you are having
  • A method to better understand the different types of dreams
  • How your dreams can be an access point for greater spiritual awareness
  • How to receive guidance and revelations
  • Mistakes you are doing with symbology and how to fix that

How To Remember & Understand Your Dreams

  • How to set yourself up to successfully remember your dreams
  • How to spiritually protect yourself
  • The best way to capture & interpreting your dreams

This workshop 5 Steps to Understanding Your Dreams Specifically Covers:


  • Learn my framework to working intuitively with your dreams. 
  • The 5 types of dreams and how to know which one you are having so that you can work them to your advantage: 
    1. How our subconscious plays a role in our dreams and what the "Twilight Sleep State" is.
    2. Learning to receive guidance, revelations  & inspiration through our dreams and the part symbology plays in them.
    3. How you clear karma in your dreams.
    4. Recognizing when you are seeing the future in your dreams.
    5. What dreams are like when they take place outside of your own consciousness & the profoundly sacred experiences you can have.
  • The 5 Steps to Successfully working with your Dreams:
    1. The best time to set an intention to work in your dreams.
    2. How to be spiritually protected while you are dreaming.
    3. Best practices to remembering your dreams.
    4. How to start interpreting your dreams now.
    5. The Spiritual science of perfecting your dream interpretations.
  •  BONUS: Q&A with me, get your dream questions answered live.


Ever since (a couple of days ago), I saw your explanation of how dreams work, after you answered my question, not only I’m dreaming beautiful dreams, I’m also remembering (almost) every detail very vividly the next morning. ‚Ä®Again, after setting my bedtime intentions, and asking, I’ve been getting the answers in my dreams the same night. I’ve been seeing Spirit/God communicating with me, and loving me (getting a little emotional). I have been waking up very happy and excited.

- A.N. 

5 Steps to Understanding Your Dreams doors are opening soon.



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